About Us

About Us

U.S. based with global technology capabilities , Uhai which means life in Swahili was born out of the civil unrest after the death of George Floyd. We wanted to create a solution to deliver a full eco-system where all communities and workforces across the globe could connect, collaborate and communicate.

“People with different tribes, races, religion, and nationality can come together and accomplish something extraordinary. The key is the culture of communication, unity and teamwork.”

Farshad Asl – Leadership Coach


Mission Statement

Getting organizations connected, collaborating and communicating to get stuff done together.


Our Vision

Mobile first collaboration & communication for the global digital workforce


Our Goals

To deliver a mobile first solution that delivers a set of features to connect, collaborate and communicate the global digital workforce.


David Cole
Rickard Hansson
Technology Advisor
Victor Chauvet
Marketing Executive

Uhai believes in empowering organizations and promoting collaboration through world class productivity and communication tools.

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