All in one place

Unified Collaborations & Communications Platform

Putting teamwork at the forefront of your business with the right tools to get stuff done together.


The problem

Simplifying Teamwork

Promoting collaboration by reducing the back and forth of online communication.

Keeping You Organized

Helping you stay organized by integrating multiple productivity tools within one platform.

As an organization

Ask yourself the following questions


Is The Collective Knowledge Of Your Employees Its Greatest Asset?


How Does Company/Organization Efficiently Communicate And Collaborate With Someone Remotely?


Is it Important To The Company To Own The Business Critical Data And Keep It Safe?


Experiencing Heavy Loads Of Internal Emailing

Why Us


Tailor our software with the tools most useful for your business productivity

Real Time

Collaborate, communicate, and share all in real time with your employees and contractors

Unified Dashboard Experience

Get the relevant data and visualizations necessary for collaboration and actualization.


We live in a world on the go take Uhai with you wherever you go on any of your smart devices

Some of the



Connect, Communicate, Collaborate.
All In One Place.

Uhai deploys Microsoft Azure for its cloud services for building, testing, deploying, and managing its applications and services.


What they say about us

UHAI has delivered as promised.

The ability to have a connected, fully searchable view across all channels through desktop and mobile has been a game changer. It allows us to better channel our resources, focus, and synergy to achieve success.

- Dwayne Tasker,
Creative Director Thirdvine Digital

“Our affinity group within our large organization was looking for an easy-to-use solution for our members to connect, communicate and celebrate and Uhai delivered a single point solution across mobile and

– Michelle Spencer,
Director, FBBBN for Abbott, Laboratories

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Uhai believes in empowering organizations and promoting collaboration through world class productivity and communication tools.

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