frequently asked questions


They’re stored in the database or configured blob storage of Uhai.

If deployed on-premise or private cloud that’s hosted in your own environment all data, including files, is under your full control.

Uhai is hosted on Microsoft Azure, or in your own environment (on-premise, private cloud, etc) it is as secure as the rest of the data you’re handling.

Uhai leverages Microsoft Azure providing the best cloud network and security appliance with all the tools for HIPAA & GDPR compliance globally.

Uhai is single point platform delivered via the Azure cloud or on-premise installation by an organization?

Uhai is sold as a perpetual license with an annual support and maintenance agreement.

For pricing contact sales.

Appreciate the question. Just get in touch with our team and they’ll take care of you making sure we dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s.

It can be done in a few hours, mobile apps & desktop.

We offer a Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication flow to seamlessly allow users to sign in. This is accomplished by using a JSON Web Token (JWT).